Lord Henry Enterprises, Inc.

Celebrating 20 years of providing great products at great prices!

Great Products

As Safeguard Supply, LHE manufacturers a line of do-it-yourself security products designed for businesses and residential properties alike.   These products represent years of experience working with other products and bringing best in class features and reliability into products.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Great Websites

We pride ourselves on creating websites that help you find what you are looking for.  Our websites are safe and secure, and your data is always protected.  In the 20 years we have been online, we have NEVER shared our customer information with 3rd party services–and never will!


Our 15+ years of online experience has provided us with unique insights into the needs of online retailers.  We put that experience to work by creating a set of cutting-edge products aimed to improve your ability sale more and make more profits.

The LHE Family of Websites

LHE, Inc. owns and operates websites in specific product niches aimed at the end-user.  We are always on the lookout for exciting website niches to add to our portfolio.  If you have something you think we would be interested in, please feel free to contact us.

Safeguard Supply

safeguard-logo-250pxwThe Safeguard Supply website provides information and wholesale ordering information for the products we manufacture.


db800_logo_20131800doorbell.com was started over 18 years ago by Ron Henry, who was selling the Eztone entrance alert out of the trunk of his car.  Since that time, 1800doorbell has grown to over 1,000 products focused on the DIY market.  1800doorbell prides itself on it’s knowledge of products and exceptional customer service.  To learn more about 1800doorbell or shop it’s products, click the logo.


mirrorpros_com MirrorPros is a GSA approved distributor of safety and security mirrors.   Whether it’s trying to see in a hard to see area, or displaying a large mirror as a crime deterrent, the MirrorPros line of USA mirrors are designed for commercial usage.  MirrorPros is the exclusive distributor of Duramir (TM), a lens product that’s virtually indestructible, allowing you to mount these mirrors just about anywhere without fear of vandalism or breakage.

My American Kitchen

mak-logo (1)The USA continues to manufacture some of the most quality products in the world.  My American Kitchen brings American made kitchen products and accessories straight to you.  Tervis Tumblers and Fiestaware are some of their most famous brands, but the store is chock-full of other artisan made products straight from American hands.